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Case studies: Allegis Group

Transforming the way Allegis Group does business

Allegis Group is a global leader in talent solutions. It represents a network of specialised businesses offering services from talent acquisition to fully outsourced workforce management.

In Asia Pacific alone, Allegis Group has 6,000-plus people contracted to a range of clients across Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, India and China. And that means managing all kinds of pay conditions in different jurisdictions.

Having a platform that seamlessly manages the end-to-end people and payroll related processes – and has the flexibility to grow and scale – is crucial for Allegis Group.

Key outcomes

  • A single record across the employee lifecycle that can be relied upon
  • Monthly payroll processing now five days quicker
  • Timesheet management workload reduced by 60%
  • Accounts receivable billing processes now 40% faster
  • Dedicated payroll headcount savings, so teams can focus on what matters most
  • Billing accuracy improved from 85% to 98% and client billing confirmation received two days earlier


Asia Pacific



The challenge

Providing a consistent experience for candidates and customers

The function of payroll is integral to how Allegis Group operates. With so many businesses in its network, creating a consistent experience across the group for onboarding and paying candidates and billing clients – across the APAC region – is a key strategic priority.

With Salesforce already in place, Allegis Group wanted to leverage the strength of the world’s leading cloud-based platform to manage their people and payroll processes.

It needed a partner that could support this transition. A partner who could provide a full end-to-end solution for its business, was native to Salesforce and understood the recruitment industry. 

The group’s Head of Business Services and CIO for APAC, James Warwick, explains.

“There’s a lot of variation in our contracts, terms and agreements, and the business rules that determine payroll and billing. We needed a solution that seamlessly integrates all the different components – including payroll, billing and time & attendance – into one to create that consistent experience. 2cloudnine does all of this,” James said.

But it quickly became clear that 2cloudnine could offer so much more.

“Being part of the Salesforce ecosystem means we can leverage underlying technology that continues to evolve. There’s tremendous flexibility, innovation and scalability. And that means we’re in control of our own destiny – so as we change and grow, we know the platform will too.

“Another great thing about 2cloudine is the core of the solution is there – it’s ready to go. But it’s also easily configured to your needs without any ground-up coding and all the risks that brings.”

It could support us to change the way we work and run our business; empowering us with a platform to look across all our operations and take a holistic view.

Improving business operations

Allegis Group’s transition to 2cloudnine’s payroll platform started recently with its operations in China. The solution is helping to change the way they do business – for the better.

“2cloudnine is so much more than a tech deployment. It has helped shine a spotlight on how we deliver for our candidates and customers. We’ve reviewed our structure to breakdown siloed ways of working and re-engineered our processes to deliver an end-to-end solution,” James said.

“The duplication of effort and manual work we experienced previously from working across different systems was significant. We now have a single record across the employment lifecycle that we can rely upon. We can easily identify errors and our people can see how their role supports business outcomes.

“Our monthly payroll processing has gone from 15 days to 10 days, billing accuracy is now at 98 percent and client billing confirmation is received two days earlier.

“On top of that, our timesheet management workload has reduced by 60 percent and our accounts receivable billing processes are now 40 percent faster. And we expect there will be many more efficiencies to come.

“The streamlined business processes and workflows 2cloudnine’s platform enables are second to none. We have so many more opportunities at our fingertips now to build better workflows between teams, digitise data capture, and apply AI tools to better understand what’s going on in our business.”

Allegis Group is now preparing to roll out 2cloudnine to its other businesses.

The benefits

2cloudnine’s payroll platform is key to our business. It’s empowering us to think about the components of payroll as more than transactions; we have a solution that is really transforming the way we do things. And being on Salesforce, we know we have a platform that will continually enhance the capability of our business.

Looking ahead

Partnering for long-term success

For Allegis Group, the relationship with 2cloudnine and its partners is imperative to the company’s long-term success.

“We have a wonderful working relationship with 2cloudnine. It was so important to us that we found the right partner; they’re fundamental to our business,” James said.

“2cloudnine understands our sector. They really listen to our needs and are willing, and able, to work with us. They were honest about their limitations, and we’ve been able to work together to find the right solution. They’ve been so supportive of our vision.

“They really do go above and beyond. They’ve been with us every step of the way to get China up and running, tailoring the solution to meet unique legislative requirements. And they’re supported by a trusted implementation partner in Agilyx who will be critical as we enter the next phase of the project.”