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2c9 Award Interpretation

Automated award interpretation

We take the time and complexity out of calculating the pay conditions found in modern awards and common agreements. Our award interpretation engine automates this entire process for you, so you can pay your people correctly every time.

And as your business grows, our award interpretation product grows with you.

2cloudnine Award Interpretation Dashboard

Built to support Australian awards

2c9 Award Interpretation has been designed to support modern awards as set by Fair Work Australia. Our product automatically interprets the clauses and pay conditions of all modern awards. And because it’s fully automated, you can be sure our award interpretation engine is always up to date. It’s accurate and reliable, and it’s ready to use in your business now.

Pay multiple awards at once

When working across multiple assignments, your people are typically paid different award conditions. 2c9 Award Interpretation ensures you can easily and accurately pay people under multiple awards in the same pay cycle. We simplify the entire process, saving you time and giving you peace of mind.  

2cloudnine Award Interpretation Annualisation

Automates compliance: salary annualisation obligations

We support you in fulfilling your salary annualisation obligations, as set by Fair Work Australia. Our product automatically compares how much your people are to be paid under the applicable modern award with how much they are actually paid, so you can see if there’s a discrepancy and action accordingly. In a single solution, you can ensure your people are paid fairly and accurately – all while reducing risk to your business. It’s just one of the ways we automate compliance. 

Meet minimum pay rate requirements

Let us save you time by taking the manual work out of paying your people. Our product allows you to set the interpretation level and automatically find and assign the correct pay rate. It calculates multiple pay rates and includes annual rate changes. You’ll never have to remember individual pay rates again. 
2cloudnine Award Interpretation Minimum Pay Rates

Flexible configuration to suit your needs

Our products can be fully customised to meet your needs and support more than just Australian award conditions. 

2c9 Award Interpretation can be easily configured to handle custom agreements, EBAs and international awards. We can manage the simplest award conditions through to the most complex. 

Here’s a snapshot of the various customised rule types we can support.

Timesheet activities and pay condition or rule variations

We can configure timesheet entries with timesheet activities to match any variations to the standard award, ensuring pay conditions or rules are paid accordingly.

Project codes to pay different rates

We can include project codes for people to use when they temporarily undertake higher duties, ensuring they receive the correct rate for the work performed.

4-week frequency calculations

We can ensure people who work excess hours over a four-week period are paid overtime according to their award and conditions, while providing an option to enter weekly or fortnightly timesheets.

Part-time additional hour calculations

We can configure an award to part-time employment and specify how someone should be paid for working additional hours.

Leave loading calculations

We can automatically calculate and pay the higher leave rate – whether its standard leave or shift leave loading.

Paid and unpaid break calculations

We can include an option for people to enter paid and unpaid breaks, all while providing confidence that the pay interpretation is correct.