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Case studies: Colony 47

A solution trusted for its accuracy

Colony 47 is a Tasmanian-based non-government organisation dedicated to supporting young people to achieve their goals in life.

Operating across Tasmania, Colony 47 provides a range of services that help disadvantaged young people to access housing and education, and develop vocational and life skills.

Key outcomes

  • An automated award interpretation and payroll solution they can depend on
  • Customised to meet their specific needs
  • Payments are correct and made on time
  • Greater security and compliance has minimised business risk
  • A partnership built on mutual trust and respect





The challenge

A new approach needed

Colony 47 has a workforce of around 140 people delivering its vital services. To ensure their people can focus on supporting young Tasmanians, it’s important the organisation has an award interpretation and payroll solution that is accurate, simple and easy to use. Correct interpretation of the SCHADS Award, in particular, is key.

Colony 47 began the process of transitioning to a new payroll system in 2021. 2cloudnine’s platform was the chosen solution.

As with any system change, the transition wasn’t without its challenges. And around 18 months in, 2cloudnine took over management of the entire project as Colony 47’s Finance Manager, Monique Langridge, explained.


“At the time the 2cloudnine team took over, our new system wasn’t working to its full capacity,” Monique said.

“We were running late on payroll and our team was working long hours to get people paid,” Monique recalled.

“But 2cloudnine really stepped up for us. Not only was the team knowledgeable, they asked the right questions, listened to our needs and understood our concerns. And they turned it around. They really were our saviours!”

Monique said it was important their new payroll system was tailored to the organisation’s operations.

“There’s no off-the-shelf finance or HR product that suits the needs of every business. It needs to be customised and that’s exactly what 2cloudnine has done for us,” she said.

They took a step back and ensured our solution was set up for the future. If there was a problem, they weren’t afraid to do something about it. They worked with us.

A solution that delivers

Colony 47 now has a trusted and uncomplicated award interpretation and payroll system in place that meets their needs.

“2cloudnine changed everything. We have a system that works as it should – accurately interpreting award terms and conditions and paying our people on time. We trust the system we have in place,” Monique said.

“And if we ever experience any issues, we know who to contact. We get the help we need when we need it. Although, our requirement for that is minimal because the system just runs smoothly!”

The built-in automation of the solution and the security of Salesforce has also helped to minimise risk as Colony 47’s IT Manager, Simon Davis, explained.

“We previously had a hybrid payroll system, not a cloud solution. That required us to manually back up a lot of our information, which was labour intensive and posed a considerable risk from an IT perspective,” Simon said.

“Being on Salesforce has also given us greater security and peace of mind. Government departments and funding bodies require strict cyber security compliance. Having a Salesforce-based platform ensures we meet those requirements.”

The benefits

2cloudnine changed everything. We have a system that works as it should – accurately interpreting award terms and conditions and paying our people on time. We trust the system we have in place.

Looking ahead

A partnership built on mutual respect and trust

Partnering with a payroll provider who truly understands their needs has made all the difference for Colony 47.

“We can’t speak more highly of the 2cloudnine team. They treat us as an individual organisation and deliver solutions that are designed for us – not a one size fits all,” Monique said.


Simon added: “Importantly, they understand the unique challenges we face as a charitable organisation. They are always willing to partner with us and work within the constraints of our operating environment, particularly as we come into the next financial year.

“Their customer service is outstanding. They really do go above and beyond. They are responsive, efficient and considerate of our needs. We couldn’t hope for a better partner.”