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2c9 Time & Attendance

Simplify your time and attendance workflow

2c9 Time & Attendance captures in one place all the information you need to pay your people. It’s flexible, intuitive, and easy to update. And as your needs change, our solution changes with you.

Because we work seamlessly with other applications, timesheets can be created and entered separately to our 2c9 Time & Attendance product. This includes automated timesheet import, software integration and manual entry.

Choose options that suit your needs

2c9 Time & Attendance gives you choice. Our product can be fully adapted to what you need. The options are endless. 

Employee timesheets can be customised to capture all the information you require to interpret time correctly. We cater for timesheets on an employee basis, to meet individual circumstances. 

Here are just some of your options.
  • Hours worked on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.
  • Start and end times.
  • Paid and unpaid breaks.
  • Total hours for the day.

We include a configurable interpretation engine that automates the calculation of pay and conditions. We set interpretation rules based on the awards relevant to your business. There is built-in flexibility to swap awards on the same employee assignment, so timesheets are automatically updated to the correct pay and conditions. 

Flexible approvals

We make it easier to approve timesheets; approve them on the go from any device and in bulk. We give you flexibility to select multiple approvers and assign different approvers for different tasks. 

Easily capture leave, expenses and allowances

We streamline the process of managing employee leave, expenses and allowances. As part of their timesheet, your people can submit expense and allowances claims, record leave and attach any supporting documentation. 

Handles complex work schedules

We save your people time by auto-populating timesheets to reflect individual work schedules. All that’s left to do is update the timesheet if there’s a variation to the hours worked.  

We cater for the unique work schedules of all employees. Whether it’s 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, a three-week rotating roster, a nine-day fortnight or something else, 2c9 Time & Attendance manages any kind of work schedule. 

Supports additional assignments

Do your people undertake work outside of their standard award or agreement? With 2c9 Time & Attendance, timesheets can be tailored to support additional types of work. 

Project specific rates

We can include project specific rates for people to use when they temporarily undertake higher duties or work at a different location. This ensures they receive the correct rate for the work performed.

Pay condition variations

We can configure timesheet entries with timesheet activities to match any variations to the standard award, ensuring pay conditions or rules are paid accordingly.

Attach documentation

There’s also an option to attach documentation in support of these activities. 

Automated notifications

2c9 Time & Attendance takes the hassle out of chasing up timesheet entries. You can configure timesheet email notifications to your business and schedule them to automatically send to who you want, when you want. 

Submission, approval and reminder email notifications

Notifications are automatically sent to the right recipient when timesheets are ready for approval or have been approved. Different types of reminder notifications can be automatically configured based on your business rules. These can be sent on an employee-by-employee basis.

Timesheet notification manager

Payroll users can quickly see how many timesheets are still to be submitted or approved and send targeted notifications as needed. 2c9 Time & Attendance gives you flexibility to manage timesheet notifications on your terms. You can even automate reminders for people to submit timesheets early if needed.