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Case studies: Quest Care

Flexible payroll solution saves time and ensures compliance

Quest Care is a Canberra-based, NDIS-registered company that has been specialising in quality disability service delivery for almost 30 years.

With a 230-strong workforce, the organisation provides support services to over 300 clients across the ACT and surrounds. Services are provided at home or within the community to encourage independence and improve quality of life.

Key outcomes

  • A fully customisable solution that has streamlined Quest Care’s payroll process
  • One place for Quest Care to manage their organisation and workforce
  • Built-in automation and compliance that prevents underpayments
  • A payroll partner who specialises in the healthcare sector and the SCHADS Award
  • Faster, more accurate and reliable transactions





The challenge

Finding a fit-for-purpose payroll system

For many years, Quest Care used an out-of-the-box product to run its payroll. While the product had served them well, the organisation required a more modern, efficient and flexible payroll system to support its growing needs.

Quest Care’s Management Systems Accountant, Nick Sagade, explains.

“When we started looking for a new accounting system in 2019, we made the decision to also transition to a payroll system designed for NDIS organisations like ours,” Nick said.

“We employ a mix of casual and permanent staff, many of whom work multiple assignments with different pay rates.The SCHADS Award is inherently complex and accurate interpretation is essential. We needed a system that could handle that, cater for change and streamline our end-to-end payroll process.”

The 2cloudnine payroll platform and its local team of experts ticked all the boxes.

“2cloudnine specialises in SCHADS. The team is extremely knowledgeable and understands the award’s intricacies,” Nick said

“Their system is fully customisable and automates the entire payroll process.”

The flexibility that being on the Salesforce platform provides means it’s fast, reliable and integrates with our rostering and accounting systems.

Faster, more reliable payroll transactions

Since implementing 2cloudnine’s platform, Quest Care’s payroll process is faster and more reliable.

“2cloudnine has taken the stress out of our payroll and delivered significant time savings for our team. We’ve saved at least 24 hours on our weekly payroll processing,” Nick said.

Quest Care has integrated Skedulo’s rostering system and Lumary’s client management system into the 2cloudnine platform, providing one place to manage their organisation and workforce.  

“There’s no more manually loading data from other systems and risk of losing that data because the technology breaks down. Nor do we have to manually check pay rates.”

The ability to quickly uncover and fix any pay inaccuracies using 2cloudnine is another significant outcome – ensuring compliance and minimising risk for Quest Care.

“Because we can now see which part of the award has been interpreted and why, we’re able to pinpoint any errors and address them swiftly,” Nick said.

“2cloudnine’s built-in automation and compliance has prevented underpayments. Ensuring our people are paid accurately is vital and we trust 2cloudnine’s system to do that.”

Nick and the Quest Care team have also been impressed by the customised reporting and insights into its business performance 2cloudnine offers.

“For example, we can see in real time how much each support service is costing and how we can better direct resources to deliver the best care. We can identify pain points and make more informed decisions to improve how we do things.”

The benefits

At the touch of a button, 2cloudnine’s system accurately interprets all the information and correctly pays our people in a matter of minutes.

Looking ahead

Support you can depend on

While Quest Care has encountered the inevitable challenges that every system change brings, Nick praised 2cloudnine’s supportive approach.

“2cloudnine is flexible, responsive and collaborative. They care about your success and work with you to meet your specific needs. They help you deliver. What’s more, they are always looking for ways to make their solutions even better,” Nick said

“The beauty of working with a small, local team means you get personalised service. 

“I don’t think there’s anyone we haven’t spoken to at 2cloudnine. If we ever have an issue, someone always responds straight away.”

With the added benefit of being on Salesforce, and the ongoing innovation that brings, Nick said 2cloudnine would see Quest Care into the future.

“In order to provide the highest quality care to our clients, we need our back office to be working as efficiently and effectively as possible. 2cloudnine is empowering us to do exactly that. We now have a modern payroll system, built on the world’s largest cloud platform, that will take care of our business for years to come.”

2cloudnine is flexible, responsive and collaborative. They care about your success and work with you to meet your specific needs.