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Case studies: Protech

A pay and bill solution that grows with you

Protech is the leading provider of quality workforce solutions to technical industries across Australia. The company works for industries including building and construction, mining, rail, and roads.

With around 500 clients and counting, Protech has 4,000-plus people working in all states and territories and under many different employment awards and EBAs. That’s why it’s so important Protech has an agile payroll system that can reliably handle the complexity of its operations and grow with the business.

Key outcomes

  • Flexibility to continually adapt to clients’ needs
  • Significant decrease in pay issues
  • Repeat pay issues have been avoided
  • Live financial tracking is down to a less than 5% variance
  • Salesforce offers greater security and scalability





The challenge

Protech's payroll transformation

Several years ago, Protech embarked on a process to overhaul its payroll system.

One of the key requirements was a system that must deliver reliable, quality outcomes with agility and scalability for Protech’s complex landscape.

An RFP process was undertaken to find companies that could deliver the right payroll system. 

When Protech looked across the market, there was only a select group of companies that had a payroll system that could deal with the complexity of its business.

2cloudnine stood out because it is focused on meeting businesses’ needs.


2cloudnine provides rapid development and product improvements – and could deliver the level of customisation needed. Plus, its platform is underpinned by the reliability and security of Salesforce.

Protech’s Chief Information Officer, Mathew Eames, explains.

“Because it’s built on Salesforce, 2cloudnine’s payroll platform is secure, agile and flexible. Its configurability gives us choice, so we can continually adapt to our clients’ needs and introduce add-ons,” Mathew said.

“Given the complex payroll environment that we operate in, we needed a system that was agile enough to be easily customisable to meet our specific needs today and grow with us into the future. For example, being able to handle onboarding and offboarding in an automated way.”

2cloudnine has an innovative product that could help us to deal with the complex system of pay more efficiently and accurately.

Improved data accuracy, visibility and analysis

Protech’s 10 main entities – all with different EBAs, pay rates and entitlements – are now operating on 2cloudnine’s payroll platform.

The successful transition has delivered some impressive business outcomes in terms of data accuracy, visibility and analysis.

“Since implementing 2cloudnine, we’ve seen a significant decrease in pay issues because it’s so easy to identify the cause of any payroll issue and fix it. In fact, we had no complaints about pay and no system-related pay issues during the transition which was fantastic given its complexity,” Mathew said.

“The real-time data accuracy is quite incredible. In 

many ways, we were blind before and now we can truly see how we’re performing and make more informed decisions. We can pinpoint inefficiencies, get to the root of any problem, and streamline activities.

“We can access live accounting reports and are now down to a less than 5% variance in our live financial tracking; our offices can even drill-down to revenue margins on individual placements remotely.”

While there’s more to do, Protech has strengthened the way their teams operate.

“The automation has delivered significant time savings, so our payroll team can now work across all our entities. It now only takes a week of onboarding for new staff to run payroll; it took a month previously!”

Protech is gearing up to integrate Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system into the payroll platform, providing another level of connection and efficiency.

The benefits

It’s exciting what 2cloudnine’s payroll platform can deliver and the ways in which it can empower you to keep improving your business.

Looking ahead

A strong partnership

The partnership between Protech and 2cloudnine has gone from strength to strength.

“Working with 2cloudnine has been excellent. When we first approached them, they were still developing as an organisation. Their maturity as a business – and the progressiveness of their product – has only grown as we’ve gone along, and we have no doubt that will continue,” Mathew said.


“They solve problems with us and turn things around very quickly. They are great to deal with and their people really make it an enjoyable experience.

“2cloudnine will see us into the future. Being on Salesforce gives us much better security and scalability. Because they’re continually investing in the platform, as we grow, we’ll continually benefit from that too.”