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Our Platform

Work on a platform that grows with you

2cloudnine’s solutions are native to the Salesforce platform. Working on the world’s leading cloud platform for business applications brings unrivalled security, reliability and scalability. It integrates fully with other systems and the ongoing investment in innovation will see you into the future.

Manage who sees what

The platform’s data sharing and security functionality lets you control what information users can access and edit. You can make sure people only see the records they need to. 

You can restrict access for individuals and groups of users by role and location, to certain sections of a record, to different payroll types, or something else entirely. Whatever your needs, you have control. 

World-class security to protect your data

Your data is safe and secure with our platform’s extensive audit trail and data encryption.

The built-in audit trail tracks changes to your data. Wherever you are, you can access a record of changes for any date. If there’s ever an issue you need to investigate, the audit trail is at your fingertips.

Salesforce’s platform encryption provides added protection; you can encrypt your most sensitive data and protect it from unauthorised users. 

Automate your workflow

We can save you time by streamlining tasks and automating time-consuming, manual people and payroll related processes. Using pre-built solutions, or creating ones to meet your needs, we can help you to be more productive and efficient.

Our platform can automate the workflow across a number of areas – including onboarding, time & attendance and award interpretation. For instance, you can build an automated process to send a time-delayed welcome email to a new employee, or create data validation and alerts where information such as tax declaration or bank details have not been completed.

Access to Salesforce AppExchange

2cloudnine goes beyond transactional products. Our platform connects you to a world of business knowledge and solutions with Salesforce’s AppExchange – the leading cloud enterprise marketplace.

AppExchange gives you access to a free knowledge bank of applications and experts to help solve your business challenges. It’s just one of the ways Salesforce’s continual innovation and investment in the platform keeps you a step ahead.

Insights to run a better business

Our real-time analytics, dashboard and reporting features empower you to make smarter and faster decisions for your business.

You can quickly access standard reports or easily create customised ones – without any help from IT – to get the insights you need. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping the data fields you want to see.

For those wanting more in-depth analysis, you can tap into Salesforce’s advanced analytics tools – including Tableau, a business intelligence tool. We can help you to make the most of your data.

Create custom websites and self-service portals

Our platform makes it easy for your people to access and provide the information needed to seamlessly manage your organisation's payroll and related processes.

You can create secure websites and self-service portals that interact with the platform’s back-end. That means, for example, people can intuitively update personal information; submit timesheets; approve requests on the go; and much more. You design what people see and interact with.

Easily integrates with other applications

To run a better business, you need all of your key business systems and processes working together. Salesforce does just that.

2cloudnine’s open API means our products can seamlessly and reliably integrate with any other business application, regardless of whether it’s native to Salesforce. Be it your scheduling and time capture system or recruitment processes, integration is easy and scalable.

We also use Jitterbit – a cloud-based integration platform and middleware tool. It allows quick and templated connections with many other software providers, making it a convenient tool for meeting custom integration requirements.

Provides multilingual and multi-currency support

Our platform caters for people and businesses operating around the world. If needed, you can see information in different languages and currencies, including on an individual basis.

Multi-currency support can also be enabled to convert and display amounts according to current exchange rates, when used in conjunction with conversion applications on the AppExchange.