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Ben Albani

Solutions Consultant
It’s not every day your customer becomes your employee. But that’s exactly what happened when Ben joined the growing 2cloudnine team.

Ben knows better than anyone what it’s like to be one of 2cloudnine’s customers. He was working at DFP Recruitment when it became the first company to implement 2cloudnine’s new payroll platform. In fact, he project-managed the rollout.

“I really enjoyed working at DFP, but I was also really impressed with the 2cloudnine product suite,” Ben said.

“I just loved what they were doing, creating the only payroll suite platform native to Salesforce, and knew it was something pretty special. So, when the opportunity arose to work at 2cloudnine, I jumped at it.”

Fast forward two years and Ben’s continuing to grow his career as a Solutions Consultant. He splits his time between pre-sales, functional consulting and supporting the product team with front-office integrations, design and quality assurance.

“You’re always working on something different. It’s both exciting and challenging.”

Working on the Salesforce platform with a fantastic team is what Ben enjoys most about 2cloudnine.

“The great thing about Salesforce is that it gives you so many tools to initiate improvements yourself. You don’t always need a developer and that’s been great for my own learning. The platform is always growing, so there’s always something new to discover and offer our customers.

“The people and culture here are second to none. The work-life balance is amazing. You’re completely trusted to get the job done. There’s always support if you need it, and there are so many opportunities to learn, develop and grow if you’re up for it.

“The company is growing so fast and we are continually expanding our team and product suite. Being part of this next phase of growth really excites me!”

Ben Albani 2cloudnine

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