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A pay and billing solution that grows with you

We love nothing more than empowering our customers with solutions that keep improving their business.

One of these customers is Protech. A leading provider of quality workforce solutions to technical industries, Protech has 4,000-plus people working across Australia under many different employment awards and EBAs.

We’re proud to support Protech through its payroll transformation. We’ve worked hand-in-glove to ensure the company now has a pay and billing solution that can handle the complexity of its business more efficiently and accurately.

Mathew Eames, Protech’s Chief Information Officer, explains.

“2cloudnine has an innovative product that could help us to deal with the complex system of pay more efficiently and accurately,” Mathew said.

“The real-time data accuracy is quite incredible. It’s exciting what 2cloudnine’s payroll platform can deliver and the ways in which it can empower you to keep improving your business.”

Read the full case study to learn more about Protech’s transition to our payroll platform.

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